Multiplying Gospel Impact

A few months ago I was  busy with the usual pastoral duties of the day — trying to make up some ground on the ever-increasing to-do list. The phone rang. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing at the moment, but I do remember not really wanting to answer it. “First Baptist, this is Tim,” I answered, in the best pastoral tone I could muster up. On the line was a man in his early 20’s, who I had never met, who was yearning for someone to simply listen. He had never attended our church, but someone from our church had taken a few moments out of their day to talk with him, and encouraged him to give us a call. Fast-forward an hour later, and this young man was placing his trust in Jesus as Savior!

He lives far away, and doesn’t have a car, which makes it impossible for him to attend our church. We helped him find a church that he could ride his bike to.

Still to this day, I have never met this guy, but we talk pretty much every morning for about two minutes and then we pray together over the phone. He bravely faces many challenges in his life — socially, economically, and personally — He probably will never be the most popular or successful person.

But he has impacted my life more profoundly than those who exude charisma, intellect, or sharp leadership skills. Here’s why:

God is using Him for His glory. 

In the few short months I have known him, he has played a key role in leading 7 people to the Lord. God has used him in my life to remind me that it’s not about what I bring to the table; it’s about God who is working in the hearts of those He puts in my path. I don’t have to bounce back and forth between pride in my successes and fear in my failures. I am liberated to live in Christ’s power.

This is what it means to “multiply Gospel impact by multiplying Gospel-centered disciples.” Everyone has a role. Everyone can have an impact. It’s not the elite, Christian Navy Seals coming in to save the day. It’s ordinary people, like you and me, walking with God, caring about others, and allowing God to work through us. When we get this (I mean deep-down, in-our-hearts, get this) there will be no limits to what God accomplishes in our lives for His glory.


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  1. This is a nice reminder for all of us! Thank you for posting!


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